A Bad Day

Today was a bad day. One of those days where those negative thoughts lurk, they loiter around the back of your mind. Interrupting the bliss of today. Regardless what you do, think, breathe, exercise, cry, fight or talk, they fester, they snowball. Before you know it your mind is a blizzard.

A blizzard containing all the negative in your life. From the smallest thing you can float past on any other day, the inconsequential things you’d normally let pass for a loved one, but today you need that extra attention. You need that extra love, that extra reminder that today is a bad day, not a bad life.

Once your mind is a snow ball of bleak, dull, relentless thoughts, you just want to keep running, you don’t to face them, the last thing you want is to confront your self inflicted, negativity that lurks within you. You know the thoughts are silly, you know that you are a stronger person than this, yet the negative nelly inside you is saying ‘give in’, give in to this shit. This shit your mind is making a lot worse than it really is. The shit that makes you shatter like China.

All the grim and all the great that come to your mind, the grim out ways it, you cave. Its that moment when sometimes you need to let your mind rest, accept the fact you can’t always be strong, you can’t always be your own hero, helping yourself maybe isn’t always the best option, that maybe sometimes we are allowed to be as fragile as china. But this is why you have friends, lovers, sibling and strangers. This is why we are put on a Earth with 7 Billion others, they aren’t just their to look at.

From the love of your life to the stranger on your street, we are put on this earth to work together. As much road rage, rudeness, jealousy and hatred is brought and transported throughout the world, just as much love can counteract it all. Its just not as blatant as the guy who swore and offered you a profanity through his car window at the start of your morning.

We sometimes forget, we aren’t doing this alone, everyone is on a journey, a quest to improve every ‘now’ we have, a happier day, everyone is their own person but we aren’t alone. Everyone has their good, their bad, and their worst times, and everyone experiences it in different forms; Whether it be a vicious mental disorder to a ill family member, we experience it in forms to suit our growth as human beings. We are all capable of caring, opening up, listening and most of all, loving. Sometimes it is hard to believe that people want to help you, but when you’re having a good day don’t you want to help them?

Be it your lover, stranger or friend, remember this time in their life is different to yours, remember that what we can do for them they can do for us, and you know that the right people will reciprocate it. That is how you know they are the right people.

Theres something special about about a bad day, As cloudy as your thoughts are, your feelings couldn’t be more vivid. Today, I learnt that having a bad day, the right people will do all they can to help you, I learnt that when my lover is not having a good day I want to do all I can for him to have a great day, just as much as I want somebody to help me have a better day, if not more. I want the people around me to be happy first. That is how you know that love is real, that happiness is real and even better when shared, that friendships are reciprocated. You learn that these people are adding value to your life and you are adding value to theirs. Thats how you know if you want to help them on a bad day that they will do that same for you. That is how you know it is a bad day not a bad life.

That is how you know, regardless what day, there was a million suns to be risen and set before today, a million waves to break, a millions hearts to be broken but that how you know that tomorrow can be better. That is how you know that the sun will still shine, love will still exist, and happiness will still wander, another day that kindness can be experienced, offered and recieved. Tomorrow is another day to know that there is always a silver lining.

Ephemeral Bliss

Like the first ray of warmth over the horizon on a dull winters dawn,
The first drop of salt water coast along skin on a summers morning,
The gentle waft of the coffee scent first thing of every morning,

Just like it all, but better.
Mesmerizing scent, feel and sight
Ephemeral bliss to make every day better than it already is..